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How to make your kids happy?

How to make your kids happy? Let's make them happy ! How to make your kids happy |  Every parent loves their kids and want to give them all sorts of happiness in life. But you know that kids are little explorers and always stay curious.  Finding ways to keep them happy becomes difficult for parents, especially moms at times as they are their primary care takers. Regular monotonous routines can make the kids  feel bored and they  start losing their excitement easily.  So, that's why we are going to look for some interesting steps to make our kids happy and to help them learn something worth too. It's  also going to make parents life easier. 1) Raising a happy child First and foremost thing that you need to follow is to raise him as a happy child . Teach him ways to stay happy and not to crib or feel upset for  small things. If child's nature is being cheerful, believe me it's going to resolve half of his and your problems. Teach your child to accept small changes ar
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You are Important

  You are Important You are Important ! You are important | When is the last time you thought about yourself and your desires in life? If you said, "yesterday or couple of days back", it means you are on the right track, know your worth well and perhaps you know about your desires and their accomplishment plan.  But if you have no answer for this or you do not remember such time, I request you to take a break and give    your few minutes to  this article. Do you feel some people are so much balanced and contented in their life, you just can not believe your eyes. This is real and such people exist around us. So, what do you think the reason behind  their mastery in living a gratifying and happy life? The key point is that they know never devaluate themselves and they keep working on their abilities on regular basis to accomplish their desires. All women, especially after having kids get so much engrossed in their daily chores with kids, they just do not get any time to think

The Kitchen Must Have food Items

The Kitchen Must Have food Items  Kitchen - The Magical Space ! Essential Food Items You Must Have in Your Kitchen | Kitchen is something out of the whole house which holds a special place in our hearts. Reason? It's all about flavors, taste, the nice smell and our love for food. But you know, more than giving flavorful food, Kitchen items help our external and internal body system to work properly.   Our Kitchen is always full of so many magical items but we many times, overlook their benefits. So, I am going to list out few food items that I used personally and amused by their magical benefits. 1) Coconut oil First on the list is Coconut oil. It has innumerable benefits. In some homes, it is used as a cooking oil however others do not prefer it for the same. It does not matter how you are going to use it as you can utilize it in  many other ways. Applying coconut oil on hair regularly help them to grow longer and strengthen their roots. Massaging your scalp with coconut oil hel

Top 10 habits of a Happy Mom

Top 10 habits of a Happy Mom A happy Mom raises happy children ! Happy Mom | Moms are always full of energy and smile. How do they live a well-balanced life and stay at ease? Being a happy mommy seems challenging but is always up to your reach. Taking few things into consideration and following some life rules can transform this challenge into fun in no time. So, what are those magical habits that cheerful mommies have and like to have for their whole life?  1. Learn to forget the things Be flexible and avoid shedding tears on unnecessary things that don't add value to your life. Keep an attitude to forget frivolous issues and small mistakes done by your closed ones. It really will help you to stay lighthearted and friendly towards people around you, which in turn will affect you positively.  2. Do not be sleep deprived Sleeping is something that is the most comfortable and relaxed position for everybody in this world. On top of that, it is necessary part of our lifestyle as it

5 Skills to learn from Motherhood

5 Skills to learn from Motherhood Add skills to your life ! Learn-motherhood-skills | Which mother doesn't remember the day when her kids were born and the overwhelming feeling she had experienced that day? I guess no one. Motherhood is no less than a magical experience that brings several emotions and thoughts every single day of our life. Those sleepless nights, exhausting days, bonding with your little one, managing time with kids to name but a few. Even though becoming a mother is out of this world experience, it brings together few challenges too. There are lots of things to take care of once you have a baby at home. These challenges look more like qualms to us, yet they actually help in adding skills to our personal life . So, what are those skills and how they actually get developed in our motherhood journey? Let's have a glance on them. 1) Patience Starting from sleep-deprived nights in initial months after pregnancy to handling toddlers tantrums and the

Top 13 Weight-Loss-Friendly foods

Top 13 Weight-Loss-Friendly foods Time to Lose some weight! Top 13 Weight-Loss-Friendly foods | Who doesn't like to stay fit and look attractive? And who wants to suffer from ailments, caused due to increased body weight? Well, I guess, no one. Being overweight makes you feel worn out all the time and also decreases flexibility of your body.  Unhealthy food habits, lack of physical exercise, hormonal imbalance, weight gain due to pregnancy are quite a few common factors, contributing to weight gain. You can find a plenty of many other factors which are responsible for the same. So, if you are trying hard to lose weight, or if you feel discouraged after seeing your increased waistline, then check out this list of 13 weight-loss-friendly foods, that can help you to shed pounds faster. 1) Lemon What could be simpler than this to shed pounds! Along with adding flavors to food, lemon is considered helpful for better metabolism, that leads to weight reduction. Once you wake up

6 Ways to be a Role-Model for your Kids

6 Ways to be a Role-Model for your Kids Be a Role Model for your child! 6 Ways to be a Role-Model for your Kids |  Moms, need no introduction, are multitasker and experts in maintaining equilibrium with their kids. Every mom is incredibly doing good in her life, and act as a pro in dealing with their kids. But everyday, as a family we all spend so much time together that it's quite obvious for children to take after us, especially in their initial years. Our children observe and follow us in many instances . So, every mom should try to be someone who is looked up to and revered by her children. Here are 6 ways you can inspire them and become their role model for all good. Have amazing Hobbies ! 1) Having some Hobbies Pursue some hobbies, you like to spend time on. Like for me, I like to use my leisure time either for sketching or writing. Other than your personal gain, you can show your creativity and expertise in something to your kids, so that they can feel proud of thei

How to make your teeth long-lived?

How to make your teeth long-lived? Make your smile beautiful! How to make your teeth long-lived? |  Teeth are one of the most neglected body parts of ours. Most of us, usually focus on taking care of our hair and skin and try a variety of experiments for enhancing their texture and beauty. But what about our teeth? Aren't they as much essential as other body parts? Certainly, you know it, but don't think deeply on this ever.  In my belief, we must take care of them as well, as they deserve more attention than the usual. Healthy teeth plays an important role for healthy life too. Teeth contributes to your beautiful smile , gives a better look to your face and facial expressions. Other than that, they can create huge dental problems if not maintained properly. Anything which is in use needs to be maintained well. If we want to see it in good condition and for longer time, we have to spend some time on it. Take a general example of your car, home, furniture or even you

Secrets of an Easy-going Mom

Secrets of an Easy-going Mom An easy-going mom finds a way everywhere! Secrets of an Easy-going Mom |  In this fast-paced world, everyone is running behind one or the other thing in search of a better livelihood. It's a prerequisite nowadays to be quick in your actions, but untroubled in these circumstances. Working moms or stay-at-home moms, both have to manage a fair amount of things in their life. But if you can stay relaxed and even-tempered, things can become much easier to handle. So, why to wait? Let's discuss some secrets to become an easy-going mom. 1) Take proper sleep First and foremost step is to take complete sleep of 7-8 hours. Certainly, it will help you to stay calm and contented. Lack of sleep can make you feel sluggish and annoyed. As an outcome, you will lose temper easily that may ruin rest of the day. 2) Have your favorite drink Make yourself pleased! As for my case, whenever I feel daunting or low in energy, I like to have my Ginger